Me is back!


It’s been a long time. Im not gonna ask your (okay, who is reading this?) forgiveness for not posting a really long time.  But now my life has gotten little easier (couple days ago I had job and school and everything, but now my schooldays are not so long.) so I’m going to start writing here more.


Today is a little exciting day. I’m gonna go Lahti and meet a girl who might be my future girlfriend. We met at the internet couple weeks ago and now we are gonna meet first time. I hope our meeting is going to go well. 🙂 But I tell more later, I need to go now. 🙂


This was so cute picture that I wanted to publish it. It’s from


Ps. I’ve watched Lucky Star so I’m going to review it soon. 🙂


Do not edit!

So I have started this blog couple times before but always it has had something that I feel it’s not quite not me. Like the pictures or the theme at post or just everything. I felt that I’ve been doing it for the others, not for me. So now I’m going to start this over again and write things that inspire me, that makes me feel good.

First thing. All the romance. Movies, books, anime, manga, music.. This picture is really cute and I hope that I some day found a boy like that. Who makes me blush and feel all the butterflys in my stomach and at the same time make me feel so good.

The second thing that I love is books. I read books every where. At school, home, car, you name it. I can’t tell which is mine favorite books because there is so much of them! The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield, The Hobbit by Tolkien, The Labyrinth by Kate Mosse just to name a few books that I love.

The third thing which is found at the same picture that the book is tea. I just love drinking different kinds of tea.

A second picture of relationship between a boy and a girl. I really want to find mine special one and curl next to him and do all those things that couples do.